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Rabbit IslandHiroshima

Okunoshima is known as “Rabbit Island” thanks to the very large number of such creatures there. Many tourists make their way to the island just so that they can enjoy a delightful encounter with all those rabbits.
Except for on a couple of islands in the far south of the country, no rabbits are native to Japan. In 1971, for unknown reasons, an elementary school off Okunoshima set eight classroom rabbits loose on the island. The rabbits reproduced rapidly, and today Okunoshima has a stable population of around 900 of the creatures.
Tourists can rent bicycles to explore the island. Before visitors get on the ferry to Okunoshima, they should certainly buy rabbit food at the small stores near the port. As soon as I and the other visitors stepped off the ferry upon arrival, many rabbits came to welcome us. The animals are very tame and approachable, and tourists enjoy feeding and playing with them. For rabbit lovers, this island is a little spot of heaven, and they are sure to have a memorable time with the cute little bunnies.

Name: Nareethip Phuwarawong (Hai)

Bangkok-Based Crew

ADDRESS: Tadanoumi-cho, Takehara, Hiroshima

TEL: +81-846-26-0321

ACCESS: From JR Tadanoumi Station, Tadanoumi Port is a 5-minute walk, and the ferry to Okunoshima takes 15 minutes.

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