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Osaka has many takoyaki stalls, and many serve which both takoyaki and okonomiyaki (savory pancake). Although many restaurants that specialize in these dishes set up chairs and tables for dining, these two dishes are also a familiar sight at hawker stands during New Years and at various festivals. Takoyaki can either be eaten in or taken away at most of these stalls, with many stands specializing in takeaway takoyaki. In recent years, specialist takoyaki shops are increasingly found at the entrance of large malls, to attract mall shoppers.
Takoyaki is eaten with a toothpick of chopsticks, and freshly-made takoyaki is extremely hot and requires caution when eating. Standard seasonings consist of sauce and mayonnaise, over which is scattered ao-nori powder and shaved bonito flakes. Some takoyaki is served with a dipping sauce, or seasoned with ponzu, salt or yuzu pepper. Searching for your favorite flavor and style is one of the enjoyments of eating takoyaki.

How to get there

By public transportation
Immediately outside Universal City on JR Yumesaki Lin

Admission: Free entry

Address: Osaka Takoyaki Museum
UNIVERSAL CITYWALK OSAKA 4F, Shimaya 6-2-61, Konohana-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

Airport: Itami Airport
Kansai Airport


11:00-22:00 (depending on the season)

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