Misasa Onsen

Alongside a babbling brook at the foot of Tottori’s Mount Mitoku lies Misasa Onsen, a charming hot spring resort town whose healing waters and inviting alleyways allure visitors from all over seeking rest, relaxation, and revitalization.

Venture down the cozy streets and you’ll find no end of foot spas, public bathhouses, and drinking spouts. You’ll want to soak and drink freely—as one of the world’s richest radium springs, Misasa’s waters boast a wide range of anti-aging and disease-prevention benefits. Don’t be surprised if you encounter travelers who have ventured here from far away to ease their ailments or injuries.

You’ll also want to take in the enchanting retro-style streetscape, with old-fashioned arcades, snack and souvenir shops, shrines, and even a sake brewery (Fujii Shuzo Sake Brewery) adding to the town’s distinctive atmosphere. At sundown, venture to the Koitani (“Valley of Love”) Bridge for a breathtaking sunset, and rub the frog statuette there—it just might smile upon you and lead you to the partner of your dreams.

After that, hop down to the riverside to soak in an open-air bath with the locals and travelers before heading to your next destination, or into a hotel and inn to stay the night. Whether for just a short excursion or an overnight stay, Misasa Onsen is sure to soothe and warm any traveler’s body and heart.

Getting There
From Izumo Airport, take a shuttle bus to JR Matsue Station (about thirty minutes). From there, take a JR San’in Main Line special express train to Kurayoshi Station (about one hour). Buses are available from Kurayoshi Station to Misasa.

Address: Misasa, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori 682-0123


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