Matsuba Crab

The Best Winter Food
From early November to the end of March, one of the greatest winter treats is Matsuba crab, the male snow crab. The crabs are collected from the local ports of Tsuiyama and Shibayama which allow for the freshest taste possible. Crabs from Tsuiyama are of such high quality, they have become their own brand. Matsuba crab can be eaten in many places throughout Tajima. Every winter, there is a big catch of crab to mark the Tairyo Crab Festival, offering visitors the chance to sample various crab dishes. Matsuba crab can be served in a variety of ways such as raw or hotpot, and is definitely a must try delicacy!

How to get there

Walk for 15 minutes from Kasumi Station

Address: 747, Kasumi Ward, Wakamatsu, Kami Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Tajima Airport

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