Himaka Island

Japan’s smaller islands can offer a window into a rustic, pastoral lifestyle unlike anything to be found on the mainland. If you’re looking for the perfect island getaway in central Japan, why not visit Himaka Island, just a hop, skip and jump from Nagoya and Chubu Centrair Airport. Boasting seafood that’s simply to die for, stunning ocean vistas, a host of cultural sites and outdoor adventure options, and only one(!) traffic light on the entire island, it’s an idyllic destination with something to charm every traveler.

Come with an empty stomach and fill it up with morsels of succulent octopus—the island’s most popular year-round speciality—and Chita beef, along with seasonal delights like fugu (pufferfish) in the winter months. Come in the summer, and you can bask in the sun and get up close and personal with dolphins at Sunset Beach on the island’s western shore. A host of shrines and temples dot the island waiting to be explored, or if you’re the active outdoors type, you can enjoy cycling, fishing, hiking, and more.

Though it’s close enough for a day trip from Nagoya, visitors looking to immerse themselves in the Himaka Island experience are encouraged to stay over at one of its many hotels or traditional Japanese inns. But be careful—stay too long, and you might not want to leave!

Hours: No established hours, open year round. (Holidays and hours for individual facilities may vary.)

Admission: Free to walk about the island. Individual facilities may have admission fees.

Address: Himakajima, Minami-Chita Town, Chita County, Aichi

Airport: Chubu Centrair International Airport


The island is accessible year-round. (Individual facilities may have different holidays.)

+81-569-68-2388 (Himakajima Tourism Association / Japanese language only)

From Chubu Centrair International Airport or Central Nagoya, take the Meitetsu Line to Kowa Station (about a 1-hour train ride). From the station, walk 10 minutes to Kowa Port, then take a 20-minute ferry to Himakajima Port.

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