Bon Nihon no Tsubasa 『Wing of Japan』

Frequently featured at state dinners for foreign dignitaries, ""Bon"" hails from Fukui Prefecture. Originally offered under the ""Gin no Tsubasa"" label in commemoration of its having been served at a state dinner during President Bill Clinton's 1996 visit to Japan, it was renamed ""Nihon no Tsubasa (Wing of Japan)"" after having won a number of awards representing Japan in overseas competitions. The distinctly refreshing ginjo aroma is gentle and smooth, sturdy enough to stand up to butter and cheese-based dishes yet with a depth of flavor that distinguishes it completely from other merely ""pretty"" daiginjo labels.
This sake offers both a strength reminiscent of an unprocessed sake, and an unsurpassed level of refinement."

Address: 1-11 Yoshie-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui Prefecture

Airport: Komatsu Airport

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