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An Island Paradise Like None Other:OKINAWA

Comfort, culture, and tropical beauty just waiting to be discovered

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Located south of mainland Japan, Okinawa offers its own distinctive atmosphere and culture. Visit this idyllic island paradise and bask in gentle climes all year round. Explore some fifty islands with white sandy beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. Soak up the island's rich cultural legacy, a remarkable fusion of Ryukyu Kingdom traditions and international influences. From hotels offering world-class comfort to authentic local culture and tropical splendors—you'll find it all in Okinawa.

Luxury Stay
Treat yourself to a stay in the lap of luxury. World-class hotels such as the Halekulani, Club Med, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton and others offer timeless elegance and Japanese hospitality in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views from spacious guest rooms, suites, or villas. Dine on sublime Japanese and world cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy a drink at the bar in full view of majestic sunsets. Pamper yourself at a full-service spa to rejuvenate your body and mind. Explore the full splendor of the sea and your natural surroundings through a cruise or kayak tour, or relax with a yoga session by the pool or beach with the ocean stretching out before you. Unparalleled sophistication and comfort await you in Okinawa. Play Movie
Mix Culture
Discover the warmth and charm of an island where Japanese, East Asian, and American influences form a cultural tapestry. Explore religious sites and historical ruins dating back to olden times. At Okinawa World, dress yourself in classical court garb from the Kingdom of Ryukyu, then learn to play an ancient folk tune on the sanshin of Chinease origin. Visit Kin Town, a cultural melting pot home to the Okinawan specialty of taco rice. Stroll Naha's Kokusai Dori (International Street), and treat yourself to fresh-caught tuna—a Japanese favorite—and other tantalizing delicacies at its myriad food stalls. Sit back and enjoy a live music performance by the Cuban-Okinawan fusion band Kachimba 4 or the sanshin virtuoso Hajime Nakasone. Okinawa will enchant you with a blend of cultures found nowhere else. Play Movie
Endless Beach
Pristinely blue and tranquil waters. Beaches of shimmering white sand. Primeval jungles and ancient trees. Okinawa is a site of untouched tropical beauty just waiting to be discovered. Take a short hop to the outer island of Miyakojima and enjoy breathtaking ocean vistas at Iguana Rock and Toguchi Beach. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore hidden coves and coral reefs teeming with colorful tropical fish. Kayak or canoe through mystical mangroves. Surf, jet ski, or parasail. At the end of your day, relax on the beach and take in one of Okinawa's stunningly romantic sunset. Unforgettable sights and memories await you at this idyllic island paradise. Play Movie
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